Our Vision

MediQuip Global was created in response to a need in the healthcare industry. Our work and ethos keep healthcare needs in focus. Our vision is:

To transform how technology is used and maintained in resource-poor settings to end ​prevent​able​​ deaths​ and disabilities​

Our Mission: To reduce delays in access to critical care by ensuring every machine works at all levels of healthcare facilities


MediQuip Global aims to ensure that technology is a tool to make health possible. Death of an equipment means delay in service. When service is late, it makes health inaccessible.

MediQuip strives to:

  • To reduce downtime of equipment at health facilities
  • To develop a health technology management system in facilities
  • To increase proper use of equipment
  • To provide and make readily available spare parts and accessories for medical equipment

About Us

MEDIQUIP GLOBAL (MQG) provides a variety of high quality and reliable services to private, public and faith based medical facilities. Our service technicians are certified. We pride ourselves in giving our customers excellent service that are at the top- of-the-line. Check out the Services we offer

Our Journey

The Center for Public Health and Development (CPHD),has been working for the past several years ..See More

Our Partners

  • GE Healthcare
  • Gradian Health Systems
  • Hadleigh Health Technologies
  • Sisu Global..See More

Our Numbers

653 Customers

5 Annual Events

11 Partnerships

95% Uptime

1045 People Trained

1150 Installed equipments