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Keeping medical equipment functioning is our business. Delivering better health outcomes is our mission. Our services cover both aspects. We believe that while supply, repair and maintenance are critical to any biomedical service organization, taking care of the people behind help make the equipment more effective. So what we offer is comprehensive solutions in medical equipment:

  • Equip the facility
  • Sustain the equipment
  • Train the people handling it
  • Save the patients depending on it

A health facility can be efficient and effective only when it knows how to manage its assets. And it can manage its assets only when it has accurate and updated knowledge of its assets. This is... more

With a patient’s life at stake, the margin for inaccuracies is narrow in healthcare. All equipment need to maintain certain standards to ensure accuracy of the results it generates. For this, it... more

MediQuip Global can walk clients through the entire process of installing a variety of new equipment. This can start from the point of unpacking, assembling and installing the parts. We also test... more

You know you have equipment in top order when it scores high in compliance, safety and accuracy. Biomedical equipment today are very sophisticated and need regular care. This is best done through... more

MedQuip Global believes in partnerships, not just with manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and parts, but also with the users. Every customer is a partner in its effort to improve... more

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We keep the convenience of the customer in mind when we supply parts and consumables. Time is a crucial factor when it comes to keep essential medical equipment functioning. To reduce downtime and... more

MediQuip Global supplies biomedical product parts, both new and used. We follow it up with FREE testing and calibration. We can source equipment and parts from most leading brands such as GE,... more

It has been proven that knowledge on use and care of equipment increases the life of any equipment, giving value for the investment made on the equipment by ensuring longer services to patients.... more

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