Pumani bCPAP Machine

The Pumani bCPAP delivers a blended flow of oxygen and room air to infants in respiratory distress.

Some of the features include:


The Pumani consists of a flow source, a pressure source, and patient tubing. The flow comes from an air pump, and the pressure is provided by a water bottle.


Clear labels on front panel of the Pumani allow for simple use. A new user can be trained to operate the Pumani in less than one day, and a user manual and training videos are included with the system.


The Pumani is designed to run for years at a time, and includes a spare parts kit for simple, annual maintenance.


The Pumani is capable of delivering flow from 5 to 10 L/min and pressure from 5-8 cm H2O. Adjusting these settings is as easy as turning a knob or filling a water bottle. The device also has the ability to blend room air with oxygen from a concentrator or oxygen tank.

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