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GE foundation has been with Mediquip Global from the very beginning. GE foundation gave Mediquip Global the initial seed funding and support to run its operations in providing service and training support to GE foundation’s equipment donations in Kenya and the greater east African region. The initial seed funding and support Mediquip Global received from GE foundation has enabled Mediquip Global to grow into a self-sustaining social enterprise, with a presence in 11 African countries.


From inception of Mediquip Global, Assist International has been a strategic partner. Mediquip Global Limited has been contracted by Assist international in Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Uganda to provide technical training, capacity building, equipment service support and installations in these countries.


Mediquip Global is Gradians Health Systems authorized sales distributor and regional service support provider for UAM and CCV. Gradian Health System has trained Mediquip Global service engineers in providing support for the Universal Anaesthesia machine(UAM) and Critical Care Ventilator(CCV) Mediquip Global has done new installations, training and service support of the Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) to various clients of Gradian Health Systems in Africa. Mediquip Global provides all the technical support for Gradian equipment in English speaking Africa.


Mediquip Global is GE Healthcare’s Authorized Service Dealer in Kenya IN Life care systems and diagnostic imaging equipment. Mediquip Global service engineers are trained on various types of GE healthcare’s equipment and provide equipment service support, spare parts, accessories and client trainings together with the GE healthcare teams. Mediquip Global currently has signed up a number of service contracts for GE equipment in Kenya but and also provides service support for other clients on behalf of GE. Discussions are also underway to expand the GE support to the rest of East Africa.

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MEDIQUIP GLOBAL (MQG) provides a variety of high quality and reliable services to private, public and faith based medical facilities. Our service technicians are certified. We pride ourselves in giving our customers excellent service that are at the top- of-the-line. Check out the Services we offer

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  • GE Healthcare
  • Gradian Health Systems
  • Hadleigh Health Technologies
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