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What is MediQuip Global?

MediQuip Global is a medical equipment solutions provider. It is a social enterprise working to improve healthcare system in Sub-Saharan Africa by keeping life-saving equipment in top-running condition and assisting health facilities manage and optimize equipment usage.

Do you do only repair and maintenance?

No, we do more than just repair and maintain medical equipment. We help health facilities, big or small, plan on getting the appropriate equipment, install it for them, maintain and repair when necessary, supply parts and spares when necessary and also train the healthcare workers handling the equipment in proper use and care.

So, is MediQuip a distributor of medical equipment?

MediQuip Global supplies parts, spares and consumables for medical equipment. We are not a distributor of the equipment, but we have collaborations with distributors and manufacturers on servicing branded equipment.

Can I benefit from its services?

Of course, any one who needs medical care and is associated with dispensing medical care benefits from our services. You can also benefit if you are looking into improving the healthcare system by investing in our efforts.

In which countries does MediQuip Global operate?

You can call us for service from any country. If it is feasible our team will reach you ven though we are currently based in Kenya and have customers in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Your website mentions training. Do I have to pay for it?

No. We are a social enterprise and building the human resource capacity is our mission. So we offer free training for healthcare workers at the facilities where we install and service equipment.

Does the team visit the site for any repairs?

Of course, we visit the site—big or small. Depending on the nature of the job, the team either carries out the repairs on site or does the work at its workshop, in which case it also takes care of the delivery.