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MedQuip Global believes in partnerships, not just with manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and parts, but also with the users. Every customer is a partner in its effort to improve healthcare outcomes. For this, the need of each customer is considered as unique and the solution is tailored accordingly.

It offers customized contracts for facilities and can be short-term or long-term. The coverage can be flexible, depending on the requirements and budget.

The MediQuip Global team is responsible for keeping track of any contract. So, it ensures scheduled regular visits and calls with the facility for inspections and servicing. This helps to:

  • Discuss any new or ongoing issues regarding the maintenance
  • Reduces unscheduled visits for sudden breakdowns
  • Receive feedback on equipment performance and services
  • Reduce waiting time for any parts or consumables
  • Provide support to health workers at the facility for any ongoing concerns