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MediQuip Global can walk clients through the entire process of installing a variety of new equipment. This can start from the point of unpacking, assembling and installing the parts. We also test run and conduct the necessary inspections to certify the units for use.

Additionally, MediQuip Global does customization of the equipment to suit the architecture of the facility, increasing the efficiency. If you are getting new equipment, our technicians will come, unpack and assemble it. The team will even perform the necessary inspections and certify the unit ready for use. We also help clients remove and dispose of the old equipment. 

Some of the equipment that the MediQuip Global team are experts in installing includes:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Fixed and mobile X-ray units
  • Dental X-ray equipment
  • Maternal and infant care equipment
  • ICU equipment
  • Theater equipment
  • Others

Our team has experience in handling major projects such as setting up an oxygen plant—starting from doing the feasibility study to the laying the piping to the final outlets.