The Hemafuse Is A Handheld, Mechanical Device for Intraoperative Autotransfusion Of Blood Collected from An Internal Haemorrhage, Meant to Replace or Augment Donor Blood in Emergency Situations.

The device is a semi-reusable device that can be used 25 times with one-time-use disposable filters. In between uses, the main body of the device is sterilized. Hemafuse can be used in most situations of hemothorax and hemoperitoneum (including incidents of blunt trauma and early pregnancy complications) and exclusion criteria include threats of malignancy (cancer) or sepsis.

  1. When the handle is pulled up, blood is pulled through a filter. The specialized design of the filter removes clots and impurities.
  2. When the handle is pushed down, the blood is then pushed through tubing into a blood bag.
  3. The blood bag is then connected to the patient for a gravity-fed transfusion.

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