Equipment Audit

A health facility can be efficient and effective only when it knows how to manage its assets. And it can manage its assets only when it has accurate and updated knowledge of its assets. This is especially true of the type, condition and operating status of all the equipment in the facility.

For example, it is important that the facility has an adequate stock to ensure wear-and-tear of equipment does not delay services to patients. Or, spares need to be in stock for quick replacements, wires need to be maintained for better functioning of machines, etc.

Our engineers audit health facilities to:

  • Ensure effective management of all biomed equipment
  • Assist the facility to draw up its budgets
  • Streamline the equipment inventory of the facility

A lot of facilities follow the if-isn’t-broke-don’t-fix-it theory. For them, corrective maintenance is the answer. Some others believe that prevention is better than cure. For them, it is preventive and corrective maintenance to keep their equipment in top shape. The question now arises is can the facilities be even more efficient if they could have avoided equipment downtime. Naturally, yes. So, how can this be done? The solution is predictive maintenance.

When our engineers audit the equipment, they help the facility predict incidence of failures. And if action is taken in time, the equipment can be operational with minimum risk of downtime. >>NEXT

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