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About Us

Every day, thousands of children die across the globe. Every day, life-saving and expensive medical equipment lies unused. MediQuip Global is a Kenya-based organization working toward making technology deliver better health outcomes in East, Central and Southern Africa.

About 70% of the medical devices in developing countries lie dead when they are supposed to be saving lives. Health facilities either struggle to keep equipment functioning and often neglect it to an extent that the device becomes inoperable.

MediQuip Global brings together knowledge and expertise in this field. It is medical equipment solutions initiative to reduce the percentage of equipment that is out of service in the region in a sustainable way.

It comprises a team that has several years of experience working in the healthcare sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. The team has expertise in not just biomedical engineering but also in the clinical field—making its recommendations and services robust and practical. Given its in-depth knowledge of the local healthcare systems in Africa, MediQuip Global brings best practices from a global perspective and adapts them to the local environment.

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